Sleeping is crucial for both good health, and mental stability. However, it can be hard nowadays. Whether it is because of the heat or because of the noisy neighbors, we can easily get sleep deprived. And it has its effects on your body, which could lead to serious diseases.


Sleeping disorders

There are many types of sleeping disorders and they can be caused by an untold number of reasons; be they stress or a health problem.

Probably the most common of them all is insomnia. Because of the many causes, Insomnia is quite popular. More than half of the population experience it at some point of their lives.

Sleep apnea is another sleep disorder which occurs when while sleeping you take in too little oxygen. This is a dangerous condition, and it sometimes makes you wake up in the middle of the night.

Parasomnias are basically a series of sleep disorders. They are known for resulting in various unnatural behaviors like sleepwalking or talking and grinding teeth.

The restless leg syndrome is the twitching need to flap your legs. This sleeping disorder is most common for people who are hyperactive.

One more famous disorder is narcolepsy. The instant and unannounced falling asleep is not good for you. Not only it can put you in a dangerous situation, but it can also cause sleep paralysis.

These are symptoms for sleeping disorder. Some of the most typical symptoms for a sleep disorder are troubles falling asleep, feeling tired, weight gain, having no control over when you go to bed.

What causes sleeping disorders


Sometimes a stuffy nose stands behind your inability to sleep. Other times it is because your bladder is pushing you to use the bathroom. And sometimes it can be because of chronic pain. These are some of the health conditions that can be the cause.

Nevertheless, probably the most common reason behind all this is stress or anxiety. Every normal person feels stressed out about something and it can deprive them of sleep. Another humongous drawback of stress is the nightmares it can bring a night.

To treat these disorders people usually choose between medical treatment and lifestyle changes. While medication is easier, lifestyle changes are the better option for banishing the disorder forever.

Sleeping pills can have negative side effects on your body. Whereas better food with less sugar, less caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes, and definitely more exercise can harm no one.

The effect of lack of sleep

The way sleep deprivation reflects on your body can be scary. It affects body and mind alike.

Sleeping less than needed cannot only interfere with your daily work but also make you dangerous for yourself and the people around you. You will feel sleepy throughout the day and will not be able to concentrate and learn new things. Plus, long term sleep disorder could lead to depression, paranoia or suicidal thoughts.

Immune system is another one of the victims of sleep deprivation. As you know the immune system makes sure that you are healthy or do not stay sick for a long period of time. And not sleeping enough weakens this system.

Your digestive system also suffers when you do not get enough sleep. Certain hormones are kept at level when you sleep but when it is not enough you will feel hungry throughout the whole day and be prone to overeating, thus gaining weight.

The sleep deprived are also more likely to get a heart disease or make chronic lung illnesses worse. Sleeping heals and fixes a lot of things and another thing dependent on sleep is the endocrine system.

Get rid of insomnia

 Sleep means normal life. It fuels so many functions of the body. Here are a few ways to make falling asleep easier.

It is better if you try to make your hours for sleep fixed. This way your body will know when it is time to rest for the night. Also try to get up in the morning at the same time every day. This will keep you from oversleeping and now be able to fall asleep on the next day.

Make your bedroom more comfortable. The temperature the mattress, the light, even the bed sheets can make a difference. If you like to sleep in the cool, open your window. If you have a pet that may wake you at night, maybe try to adjust his or her sleep to yours, if you do not want to relocate it in another room.

Avoid skipping workout because the energy that you consumed should be all used up. While feeling drained makes it easier to go to a deep state of restful sleep.

Fatty foods give you more energy and should also be avoided. Caffeine is yet another troublemaker. You should not consume food and drinks that will make your body overflow with energy after lunch, especially not late in the evening.

You may thing that cigarettes and alcohol help you relax and fall asleep easier but you’re wrong. These two things actually keep your tense and cause you to wake up in the middle of the night and interrupt your sleep.

Instead, what you should do is take your time and relax before going to bed. Stay away from electronic devices but something that puts your mind at ease listening to quiet music, plan your next day. Do not leave anything for your mind to plan or worry about.

Have you ever lain in bed, not able to fall asleep, worrying that you are unable to do so and getting even more alert, nervous and awake? Well, when this happens it is best if you get up take a walk, read a chapter of a book or color a page in a coloring book. Do something that will help you relax and make you sleepy again.

Stress and relaxation

Stress is an actual living problem that is at the very base of sleeping disorders. So here are some ways you can relieve stress.

When things get too much, it is wise to bore them all out. Take a piece of paper instead writing. Let the emotion run wild for a moment just so you can feel lighter later.

Another way to release stress is to go for a walk or do some kind of exercise. Such activities are a proven way to let off some steam. Why not also bring a friend with you or a family member? Take your time to laugh or cry together and you will feel much better.

However, if you are not in the mood to hang out and instead, you are dreaming for some time alone, just say no. Eventually you need time to recharge yourself. Even if it is your best friend asking, say no if you must and he will understand.

You probably think that laughing means you are in a good mood and so carefree. But it can be the other way around. Laughing too, relieves stress so watch a comedy and laugh your head off.

Be positive meditate help other people. Reach that Zen state. While you are at it why not grab a brush and paint. Mix colors, forms and just let your emotions fill the canvas.

Instead of reaching for a cigarette, reach for the leash of your dog and spend time with him. Simply looking at a furry friend can give you a sense of satisfaction.

Do not forget to plan your day so you have time for both work and relaxation. Balance means happiness.

Last but not least, before sinking into deep sleep , light some scented candles. Take in some deep breaths and allow your mind to drift off and relax. With your favorite scent surrounding you, the atmosphere will be much lighter, and the sleep will be more restful.


Sleep is what gives fuel to our mind and body. One should make sure that he gets no less than 7 hours a day and is well-rested to stay healthy. Sleep enough to be more energetic and enjoy life to the fullest.

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