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We are getting busier with every passing day, hence the growing interest in junk food. Starving for an hour, while waiting for our order to arrive because we just could not fit in the time to prep our meal. We want to eat healthily and stay fit, but it can be quite the challenge when you rarely eat in.

Peeling, cutting and slicing takes time. It often seems to take an eternity to cook a meal from scratch and could be quite overwhelming when you have that pile of documents waiting for you on your desk. So here are some things you can do to lose the junk food and take-outs and still be on top of your work schedule.

The right meal at the right time

We have all heard about how breakfast is the most important meal as it gives the needed energy throughout a hectic day. You are probably tempted to get a sandwich or a cup of coffee and run out the front door in the morning, but Ooshma Garg states a better idea here.

She, as most women nowadays, is hardworking and short on time to prepare the proper first meal of the day. Instead, she uses different alternatives to get the nutrition a human body requires. Her to-go choices are probiotic-packed Greek yogurt or a spinach, banana and coconut water smoothie, no extra sugar.

Another way to fully wake up your body is a glass of hot lemon water. Not only does it boost your immune system, but also hydrates, strengthens your brain, improves digestion, plus, the vitamin C inside lowers stress levels.

Choose green

We all love to snack because we could always eat more and then have a digestion problemsdue to overeating. Thus, a way to avoid it is to pre-portion the food. Simply stack some nuts or fruit in your bag and give up the second rounds.

When you forget about the feasting on snacks, it will become easier to teach yourself the habit of eating at the same time every day. This is also important for you will not feel rushed and take your time to make the healthier choices.

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For lunch you might be craving that oily and rich in calories take out you usually eat but how about a salad? It is easy to make and does not require a lot of time, just be careful not to drown it in dressing. Take something more filling to accompany the salad and you are done.

How to do the meal prepping properly

The first step according to Healthline is to prioritize the shopping list even before going to the market. Quinoa is a superb choice when you prefer meal spin-offs. Also, go the extra mile and store lunch and dinner in separate containers to give yourself a quick access to whatever you feel like eating. It also gives you a wider variety of meal options, too!

For when you know your recipes by heart, you can cook more than one meal at a time. Boil one, chop another. Until then, try batch cooking. You can try prepping foods like rice and pasta at beginning of the week and just mix them with something fresh before eating. This is bound to save time and effort.

Find a free day of the week and spend a few hours to cut and cook your ingredients for the next week. Cook and store them separately so you can make diverse combinations and just put everything in the fridge.

This may shock you but, if correctly planned, meal prepping can take you a little more than a couple of hours. Try to avoid shopping during the rush hours of your local market and decide what to make beforehand. And the best part, you get to spend the gained time however you please.

Meals to try

The best bases for salads are trimmed greens. Veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, and asparagus, after being slightly cooked, are excellent add-ins.

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While you are still around the stove you can prepare some source of protein like chicken or tofu. Also, to make sure you do not get hungry in an hour add something more filling, for instance, pasta or rice, maybe zoodles.

Another great choice are boiled eggs, lentils, chickpeas or any whole-grain or bean to throw in some carbs in the meal. Try making caramelized onions or grated parmesan, put them in an air-tight containers and stack them in the fridge. Try whipping up your own salad dressing instead of buying it, there are countless recipes out there.

Additional tips

Our body needs water as well as food, so one should not forget to drink liquids. It is no secret that some drinks are better for us than others. Coffee, carbonated and energy drinks may be the more popular choice, but not necessarily the wiser one. Water, on the other hand, is both cheap and healthy.

Another way to stay fit when you are constantly busy is to try to take on a daily goal of exercise. Make some time for a walk in the local park, if you can manage your work tasks on-the-go, do so. It guarantees a healthier lifestyle to help you look after your body.

Reap the rewards

You can never be too busy to eat, so clean out your schedule for a lunch break. Shut down the computer, sit at the table and relax while you eat. Take the time to fully enjoy your meal without distractions.

The benefits, such as better digestion and lower stress levels, will come to you and surprise you with how effective everything has turned out to be. Without the computer in front of you, your body will be able to concentrate on when it is full. This way you will eat no more than the needed nor less than that. 

Meal prepping for busy multitaskers: Wrap-up

Supper is a crucial point in staying healthy. Being tight on time is no longer an excuse to survive on junk food and take-outs.

Thanks to the people who have already figured things out, we get the short-cut to faster prepping and nutritious meals. Following these steps will prove you that it takes little to no effort to stay fit, enjoy homemade food and still have the time to finish all your daily tasks.

Quick meal prepping has never been easier. With the grocery shops right around the corner and the growing up to be multitaskers, it is child’s play to rapidly make sure you have a week’s worth of wholesome meal in the fridge. 

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